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Dental Bonding Valencia CA

Dentist working with dental polymerization lamp in oral cavity from  Erik P. Cadra DMD in Valencia, CADental bonding is a procedure where a composite resin is used to accomplish minor repairs such as chips or cracks. Erik P. Cadra DMD offers complete bonding services for our patients who need small imperfections repaired and improved.

Reasons for Bonding

Bonding is appropriate when you would like to improve your teeth’s appearance by making small cosmetic corrections. Perhaps you have a corner that has chipped off one of your front teeth. Or maybe you have one tooth that is slightly shorter in length than the surrounding teeth, and you would like a more uniform appearance. Small gaps between teeth can be minimized by using bonding to increase a tooth’s width. You might have some intrinsic discoloration that cannot be removed. Bonding can be used to supply the added material needed to address these problems and achieve the look you want.

Fast, Easy, Inexpensive

There is no special preparation needed for this treatment, apart from good overall dental condition. You will not require anesthesia, as this procedure is completely painless. It is also an especially fast procedure. Each tooth takes between 30 and 60 minutes from start to finish. Our team will first determine the exact color needed to match the shade of your natural teeth. The surface of your tooth will be roughened, and a liquid adhesive will be applied over the prepared location. This causes the bonding material to adhere to the tooth surface. The bonding material is applied over the liquid and molded into the desired shape. When the intended shape is achieved, an ultraviolet light is used to harden the material. If needed, additional fine shaping may be done after the hardening process is complete.

Care Of Your Bonded Teeth

As always, after your treatment you will be resuming your excellent oral hygiene routine. Proper brushing and flossing can extend the life of your bonded teeth. For several days after your treatment you will be instructed to avoid coffee, tea, and any foods with the ability to stain the newly placed bonding material. You will be asked to avoid hard candy and any other hard crunchy foods. You will also be advised to avoid biting other hard items, such as your fingernails, pencils and pens, and ice. The composite resin used in bonding is not as strong as your natural teeth or a porcelain solution. But with proper care, your bonded teeth can provide years of satisfaction. If you do happen to incur small damage such as a chip, we can touch up and repair your bonding as needed. Be sure to check with your insurance provider before committing to bonding treatment. Some providers consider bonding a strictly cosmetic procedure and may not offer coverage. Remember, bonding is not a substitute for restoration methods such as inlays, onlays, or dental crowns. But for a fast and easy solution to minor imperfections, it could be your best choice. It also requires artistic skill to achieve your best results.

Our team at Erik P. Cadra DMD is experienced and accomplished, and can help you discover if bonding is right for you. Let us help you on your way to the confidence that comes with a new smile. Call us at 661-502-6990 to find out more.
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Dental bonding is a procedure where a composite resin is used to accomplish minor repairs (chips or cracks). Call Erik P. Cadra DMD today to learn more!
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