At Erik P. Cadra DMD, we offer exceptional periodontal treatment. Our team will evaluate your condition and help you explore all the options available to you. From minor procedures to extensive reconstruction, your oral health is in the best hands possible.


Your basic periodontal needs can normally be addressed by our excellent dentists to improve your oral health. Whether for medical or cosmetic reasons, their enhanced knowledge base and experience with the latest methods will give you the best possible results. Dr. Cadra will measure your gums for recession, observe how your teeth fit together, and check for any teeth that are loose. Digital x-rays may also be taken, to evaluate the supporting bone below the gums. This detailed dental examination will help determine which of the wide variety of treatment options is best for you.


If your teeth appear to be short, due to an especially prominent gumline, crown lengthening may be a good procedure for you. Unlike what its name implies, crown lengthening is not a modification to the tooth, but a removal of excess gum tissue. This exposes more of the natural crown, making the tooth appear longer. Although primarily a cosmetic procedure, it can also be used to expose an area of decay or other physical damage, and help facilitate repair and restoration of the teeth.


An implant is an artificial root that is placed into your jawbone to hold an artificial tooth. If you have otherwise healthy gums, this is often the best option for replacing a missing tooth. If several teeth need to be replaced, an implant bridge can be used to hold multiple replacements.


Pockets are the spaces that develop between the teeth and gums, below the gum line. Healthy gums will fit closely around the teeth, but over time, periodontal disease can increase the size of these spaces. Bacteria can collect in the resulting pockets, increasing bone loss. Dr. Cadra will measure these pockets to determine if they have become too deep. If needed, Dr. Cadra will then remove the bacteria, smooth out any irregular surfaces of the bone, and reattach the gum tissue.


If you have experienced severe bone loss, you may benefit from regenerative treatment. Bone grafts can be used to stimulate new growth and recovery. Specific proteins can be applied to encourage the natural regrowth of damaged bone and surrounding tissue.

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