Bruxism is a condition that involves involuntary teeth grinding and clenching during sleep. Even mild cases can lead to severe dental damage over time. Erik P. Cadra DMD can fit you with a custom made night time mouthguard specifically designed to reduce the pain, tension, and associated tooth damage that occurs with bruxism.


The American Sleep Association reports that about 10% of all adults and 15% of children are affected by bruxism. This condition usually begins as a result of stress and anxiety, although it can also be caused by misaligned teeth or sleep apnea. Certain medications, as well as use of alcohol, tobacco, or recreational drugs can also contribute to this condition.

Since it is a condition that only exhibits while you are asleep, it can be difficult to identify. Although it is possible you might wake up in mid-jaw-clench, more than likely, you will have to be on the lookout for telltale signs you can identify while you are awake. These include jaw soreness or tightness, waking up with a headache, and general fatigue due to lack of proper uninterrupted sleep. Our team is here to help identify and treat your condition.


Tooth enamel is a relatively hard and strong material, but when teeth are ground together the enamel is able to erode and damage itself. If left unchecked, tooth surfaces that would normally have a point might be ground completely flat. Additionally, damage may occur to previous dental restoration work. You will need a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth to stop further damage, and our custom made nighttime mouthguard is that barrier.


As with the mouth guards used while playing high impact sports, there are several choices available. Inexpensive rubber mouth guards, available at most sporting goods stores, can provide a small degree of protection. But since these require a constant bite pressure to be held in place, they do not stay properly oriented on your teeth if your jaw is relaxed while you are sleeping.

“Boil-and-bite” mouth guards are fitted by first softening in boiling water, and then are placed in the mouth and bitten down upon, to create a dental impression. These are more comfortable than the least expensive rubber type, but are not very durable, and can be unintentionally chewed to pieces in a fairly short time.

Our custom designed mouthguard provides a fitted, soft surface on the inside, and is harder and durable on the outside. It forms a reliable, comfortable cushion between your upper and lower teeth. When you clench your jaw, the mouthguard lightens the tension in your jaw muscles as it eliminates the hard surface contact between your teeth. As it helps relax the jaw muscles, the result is less tension and pain. And it can be adjusted to accommodate your changing jaw position. If you suffer from bruxism, Erik P. Cadra DMD can help by fitting you with a custom made nighttime mouthguard. Our goal is to prevent involuntary damage that might result in worn or broken teeth, pain, and poor sleep quality.

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