With more than half of the population experiencing sleeping problems, there may be several reasons causing it. However, when a mouthguard is introduced, the user may end up enjoying a better night’s rest. With conditions such as sleep apnea, stress, and snoring, Erik P. Cadra DMD knows that having a mouthguard will help alleviate these health issues.


The wearer can experience many advantages of a nighttime mouthguard. An example would be to reduce or eliminate the clenching of the jaw or grinding of the teeth. Medically, these conditions are referred to as bruxism and are usually stress-related. Bruxism may also damage the teeth and the enamel may wear away. Eventually, the teeth may become loose due to grinding and then could chip or even become flat. Jaw tension could also result and cause a good amount of pain within the neck and face. Symptoms of this condition may involve difficulty opening the mouth. Although bruxism is more common in adults, it is also common among children. When a mouthguard is used, the wearer will be unable to grind their teeth or clench their jaw. Plus, they can help relieve sleep apnea sufferers, which is done by maintaining the wearer's breathing as the guard keeps a forward position for the jaw while sleeping.


With sleep apnea, the sufferer will experience snorting, choking, or snoring. It will interrupt the sleep as well as anybody else who happens to be nearby. By wearing a mouthguard at night, they provide more discretion and comfort. They will allow you, as well as others in your home, to sleep more soundly.


Many choices are available when you decide that you would benefit from a mouthguard. The stock mouthguard is very affordable and is often found at pharmacies and drugstores. However, they do not provide the right amount of comfort due to them being one size. Sometimes, trouble breathing may occur while being worn. Another option is known as the boil and bite, which is heated by hot water. This enables the mouthguard to be soft and forms to the teeth once the wearer bites into it.

The custom guard option is the preferred type of mouthguard, as it provides the highest amount of comfort and protection while sleeping. This type is normally obtained through a dental professional. This custom guard is for sleeping and will make nighttime breathing a lot easier because of the design. When a mouthguard is a custom, the amount of comfort desired is achieved because it is made specifically for you.


Due to a mouth guard being worn for the top or bottom teeth, there are a few considerations to be aware of as you decide to wear one. When a nighttime mouthguard is uncomfortable to wear, you will likely not want to wear it. This will ultimately become disadvantageous. It is important to be aware that you will be wearing the night guard all night so comfort needs to be a priority. When a lower mouthguard is worn, it is usually for the prevention of teeth grinding that happens in the daytime. The conditions of the teeth need to be a deciding factor in what type of guard you use for sleeping. Because a custom mouth guard takes an impression of the teeth, it is preferable that you do not have many missing teeth so that the level of comfort can be maintained with the guard.

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