If you are missing several or all of your teeth, dentures may provide your best option for restoring your dental function and appearance. Dentures are artificial teeth, usually made of porcelain or acrylic resin. They have a plastic base, colored to resemble your gums, and are available as a full complete set or a partial set. Our team at Erik P. Cadra DMD is here to create and fit your new dentures.


The restorative service begins by taking impressions, or molds of your gums. This will establish a model upon which your dentures will be created. The process is done in individual steps, and you will have several visits to ensure proper fitment, bite alignment, and appearance. At each visit, adjustments will be made. In all, you will be seen by our team once a week for four or five weeks.


Complete dentures are a replacement for a full set of missing teeth. They are held in place by forming a seal between the plastic base and your gums. Some people find they need to use a daily adhesive material to achieve a strong seal, but if your dentures are properly fitted it is usually not necessary.

A partial is a set of several teeth, but not the entire mouth set. They have a plastic base or a metal framework, and are held in place by clasps that fit over the surrounding natural teeth. Partials are sometimes used as a temporary solution while decisions are made about permanent restorations.


After your custom fitted dentures are delivered, you may come in as often as needed for any further adjustments. Over time, the supporting surface of the gums and jaw may gradually change shape, requiring periodic changes to your dentures.

At first, your new dentures will take some getting used to. You may experience some sensitivity or discomfort in your cheeks and gums, as you acclimate. We can offer advice and techniques to help you in your new experience.


Eating should be approached gradually, starting with softer foods cut up into manageable bites. Remember to chew equally on both sides, and avoid sticky foods.

At first, speaking clearly may require some extra effort. Again, with time and practice, your speech should return to its normal clarity. Yawning or laughing may temporarily displace your dentures at first, until you develop supportive mouth and tongue positioning, which will eventually become second nature.


For the first few days, you will need to wear your dentures all day and night, even while sleeping. This will help our team identify any needed adjustments. After that, dentures are normally worn all day and removed at night, in order to give the gums and surrounding tissue a rest. You will place them in a container of water or denture cleaner. Hot water can warp or otherwise damage the supporting plate, so use room temperature or cool water. Remember to brush with a soft toothbrush and carefully clean and rinse your gums.

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