At Erik P. Cadra DMD, we recommend all of our pediatric patients who have grown their permanent molars to protect them with dental sealants. We also recommend our patients, of any age, who have vulnerable areas on their teeth due to shape, or medical reasons that can cause limitations, to consider sealants for better protection.

We value your oral health, including preventive care. Providing our patients with education and tools to increase their success in long term oral health is a significant amount of the work we promote and perform. We want to help our patients be successful in having and maintaining a healthy mouth. One preventive treatment we offer is the application of dental sealants on vulnerable areas to reduce the likelihood of developing diseases such as
gum disease.

Preventive dental care includes the education and treatments we perform to help you have a healthier mouth. This includes dental cleanings with a professional hygienist, dental exams, education on brushing and flossing, fluoride treatments, and dental sealants. The Center for Disease Control has conducted studies on dental sealants and found an 80% reduction in the development of caries for patients with this treatment. They have also found that by reducing the incidence of cavities, we are helping children keep their teeth healthier longer. We have seen a significant reduction in our young patients developing caries, and in fact, increasingly, our young patients are reaching adulthood without ever having a cavity.


Dental sealants are a lacquer material that we paint onto the surface of your teeth in predetermined areas to serve as a barrier between the tooth and any debris. Your back molar teeth are specially designed by nature to break down food through chewing to allow for easier swallowing. The peaks and valleys of your enamel do a great job, but sometimes the enamel can naturally come with overhangs and crevices that can easily capture food and plaque and then be difficult, if not impossible, to remove. We apply the sealant material to these spots to protect those vulnerable spots. This is especially important to adolescents and other patients who have a more difficult time brushing.


Dental care for children includes a strong supplement in their oral health education and providing them the tools they need to increase their success. We promote improved brushing techniques and forming good habits. We also provide assistance through the application of fluoride when needed and dental sealants. Protecting your child’s teeth will help have more positive dental experiences and thereby help them keep their teeth longer.

We advocate for the application of dental sealants on all of our young patients who have grown their adult molars. This is because they are still in the learning phase of their hygiene efforts. We understand that children are still learning proper brushing and flossing techniques and want to protect their teeth while learning.


In addition to our adolescent patients, we offer dental sealants for our adult patients who need them. There can be many reasons an adult may want to consider the application of dental sealants including:

Enamel Shape:They may simply have some shapes in their teeth designed to capture and hold debris.

Health: Their health may cause some limitations. There are many mental and physical limitations that can make it more difficult to properly clean your teeth.

Decreased Saliva: There are multiple factors that can cause decreased saliva. Without this natural constant washing, the patient is at greater risk of bacteria causing debris remaining in place.

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