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If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth due to extraction or damage, a dental implant may be your best choice for restoring both function and appearance. Implants are the strongest, most permanent option for tooth replacement. The maxillofacial surgeons and prosthodontists that work in coordination with Erik P. Cadra DMD can help you regain your smile and full dental function with an implant procedure.

Three Dental Implant Components

A dental implant is often thought of as an artificial tooth, but the implant is actually one of three components that make up the restoration. The implant is an artificial replacement for the root of the tooth, which can be used either for holding a permanent tooth replacement or a removable denture. It is a small titanium post, which is placed into the jawbone, in the empty tooth socket. The jawbone grows around the implant as it heals, where it forms a solid attachment point. The implant must have time to heal in position, typically for twelve weeks.

Next, another small post called the abutment is attached to the implant. This will serve as the connection to the third component, which is the artificial tooth. This third component is called the crown.

Benefits of Implants

Implants offer the same improved appearance and speech clarity as dentures or bridges. They typically offer better comfort than these two options. Eating is easier because of their increased stability and strength. There is no need to reshape adjacent teeth for support points. There is added convenience as well, since there is no need to remove them nightly.

A Good Candidate

In order to be considered a good candidate for an implant procedure, you must be healthy enough for routine oral surgery. Your jawbone must have sufficient bone mass and be fully formed, to provide a stable foundation. Your gums must also be in good condition.

You must also be committed to excellent oral hygiene and regular dental visits. The process itself will require multiple visits, and the care of your implant supported replacement teeth will benefit greatly from regular checkups.

Preparation and Procedure

This procedure is done in multiple steps, with healing time in between. After a comprehensive review and evaluation of your medical condition, decisions will be made regarding the various options available in your treatment plan. These include the choice of local or general anesthesia, deciding if a supporting bone graft might be needed, and specifics regarding the removal of damaged teeth.

As the treatment progresses, your plan may be adjusted as needed, regarding the healing time between procedures. During the time when you have an empty space in your teeth, you may choose to have a temporary denture placed for improved appearance and some limited functionality. In some cases, the placement of the implant and the attachment of the abutment may be combined in one procedure.

Our team at Erik P. Cadra DMD will develop an individualized plan for your implant procedure, to address your specific needs and desired results.

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