Your regular dental exam is essential for good oral health, and is designed to discover any needs for treatment and to prevent future problems. Many dental issues are easily preventable with regular exams, and the team at Erik P. Cadra DMD is here to deliver expert evaluation and the best possible experience for you.


Your first checkup with us starts with answering some questions about your overall medical and health condition. This will include disclosing any medications you are taking, listing your allergies, personal habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, and other medical treatments you might have had in the past or are currently undergoing.

Our team will then assess your overall oral condition. This will usually take about 45 minutes. We will examine the condition of your teeth and gums, and also your tongue and throat, your face, neck, and head. This allows us to detect any signs of trouble, and form a plan for addressing those items. X-rays are taken as needed, and provide detailed imagery of all surfaces of the teeth, as well as the roots and jawbone. Once we have your current x-rays on file, there is no need to have them done at every exam. You will be evaluated for signs of periodontitis and gingivitis, which are two types of gum disease, and also bone disease. Your bite will be checked for any signs of jaw misalignment. You may also be evaluated with an oral cancer screening or sleep apnea screening.


Your regularly scheduled cleaning is part of your exam, and is essential for continued oral health. Cleaning can also help expose hidden problems that might otherwise go undetected in the exam, such as a hidden cavity or the condition of an old
filling. Our hygienists provide a comprehensive cleaning experience, designed to help keep your own oral hygiene practices as effective as they can be. This will include the removal of plaque and calculus, which contain harmful bacteria. These bacteria consume sugar and produce an acid that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Surface stains will be removed with a gentle abrasive polish.


Regular dental exams do more than just detect current problems. A dental exam is considered
preventive care, as it can help avoid many future problems. Preventing major problems before they start can save you time and money. This also translates into fewer cavities and healthier gums. But the benefits go beyond just oral health. A study for the American Heart Association showed that gum disease is associated with higher risk of heart disease. Another study showed that diabetic patients can benefit from periodontal treatment. Your exam could also reveal early signs of osteoporosis before you suspect it. Osteoporosis affects the bones that support the teeth, and discovering this or any of these other conditions early is a potential benefit from regular dental exams.

We are here to make your exam a positive experience. Erik P. Cadra DMD is your partner in ensuring your best dental health. Call us at 661-259-7272 today to schedule your exam.


Remember to resume your normal good oral hygiene routine. Your fillings should not require any special care outside of proper brushing and flossing. You might experience some temporary sensitivity or mild discomfort after getting a new filling, but this should subside over time. If you find it too uncomfortable, there are toothpaste and floss products designed for sensitive teeth and gums.

Your new fillings are strong and durable, but they will eventually wear out and will need replacing. If you notice signs of wear or damage, alert us so we may provide you with a new replacement filling.

Erik P. Cadra DMD is ready to provide you with the best possible experience with your new filling, and we look forward to restoring your teeth. Contact us at 661-259-7272 with any additional questions you might have.

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