Regular cleaning is an essential part of keeping your teeth at their best. Along with proper brushing and flossing, regular cleaning helps prevent many problems, and Erik P. Cadra DMD is here to help you along the way to your best dental health.


Cleaning offers many benefits other than shiny, bright teeth. Routine dental cleaning is key to preventing
gum disease, cavities, and other more complicated dental issues. Studies also show that regular dental cleaning can also help prevent or minimize other health issues, such as heart disease and stroke. Also, our team can sometimes detect early signs of other health problems long before you visit one of your other health care providers.


Some people wonder if cleaning every six months is really necessary. The longer you go without cleaning, the more effort is required to get your teeth back to their optimum condition. The American Dental Association’s recommendation is at least once a year for cleaning and dental exams. Think of that as the minimum requirement, and that is assuming you already have good dental health.

If you are a person who is generally cavity-prone, if your eating and snacking habits include a lot of sugar, if you do not practice the best oral hygiene, or if you have other long term medical issues, it is even more essential that you schedule more frequent dental cleaning. We will want to keep you in the best possible dental health, and we can help achieve this by seeing you often. It is not unusual for some patients to have a cleaning once a month, particularly if they are considered high risk. Low risk patients may have a cleaning once a year. Our team will make a recommendation for your cleaning schedule, based on your individual needs.


Some people are concerned that getting their teeth cleaned frequently might result in damaging the enamel. They notice that their teeth feel different after a professional cleaning – smoother and more sensitive. There is no cause for concern. The smooth feel is the result of plaque removal. You can get used to the feeling of plaque on the surface of your teeth, because it happens gradually, over time. Once it is removed, the smoother feeling is an indication that your enamel is back to its healthy condition.


You might be brushing and flossing as recommended and practicing good oral hygiene, but we all need a little help from our dental professionals. We support and encourage your diligent daily routine. But you can’t do it alone. Excellent daily brushing and flossing will not remove plaque and calculus, which build up over time. With our help, your own routine will give the best possible results.

Our expert staff is committed to your care and comfort during your cleaning visit. We do our utmost to ensure your experience is positive and pleasant, and we look forward to helping facilitate your dental hygiene. Call Erik P. Cadra DMD at 661-259-7272 today, and schedule your visit. We’ll see you soon!

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